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Greg McGarity, Georgia’s newest of three Athletic Directors for whom Mark Richt has worked, since he came aboard the “Dawg Train,”  has made a fairly definitive statement of what he expects to see in 2011, and it isn’t any of the same fare we were forced to swallow in 2010.

McGarity was quoted as saying, “You want to see things going on the rise.  Sometimes that equates to winning. Sometimes it may not. To sit here and say eight, nine games, that’s not fair. It’s just you want to see improvement in every facet of our organization.”  So, the savvy AD is not backing himself into a corner, stating that it will take a certain win/loss record to signify what he considers valid improvement.  He is leaving himself plenty of “wiggle room” to decide on CMR’s future after the 2011 season.  After making reference to Georgia’s 6-6 season, he went on to say in the same interview, “No and I think at the end of the day, it is a bottom-line evaluation when you get to that point.  Yeah, you want to see improvement on 6-6. I don’t think anybody’s happy with 6-6 or 7-6. We all want to do better, but I want to see improvement in discipline.” (source:  Athens Banner Herald)

As has been discussed by this blogger, incessantly, I am sure to the disdain of many, the discipline problem at Georgia has gotten progressively worse since Richt arrived in Athens.  The Dawgs losses this year have been the worst since 1996, and the eleven arrests are proof in the pudding of Richt having lost control of his athletes off the field antics.  So, hallelujah that McGarity has made it clear that improvement in the program is not just a higher number in the win column, but also a drastic improvement in control over the players’ behavior on and off the field.

When questioned about the subject, Richt had this to say, “Considering I’m going into year 11, I feel a little like a brand-new head coach in that Greg is very interested in what we need as a program.  Of course he has many ideas from his experiences from Florida.”  I think we can easily take from this that CMR has been told by McGarity that 2010 was his “mulligan” in view of the good things that he has brought to Georgia in the earlier part of his career, and in view that McGarity is the new guy on board, as of September.  However, next year is another story.  No more breaks for past glories! CMR and his program, in regard to both wins/losses and in regard to the discipline issue, shall be judged on what is done in 2011.  (source:  Athens Banner Herald)

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  • Mike

    Just happened across this site. Will not happen by it again. Comeon… this is really run by a techie, right?

  • MCR

    Richt’s early successes were the result of Jim Donnan’s recruiting. After the Davids and Shockley were gone, you could see the direction the program was headed. We got VERY lucky that Stafford wanted to play for Georgia. That bought Richt a little more time. It also was an anomaly that won’t likely be often repeated. What we have seen in the last two years is exactly what we can expect as the norm from the Dawgs until a coach comes along who understands how to turn second tier players into all americans and also understands that pro style systems are for, well, pros.