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As reported by ESPN.Com, CMR said today that Washaun Ealey has been indefinitely suspended from all team activities.  Ealey, a junior, along with fellow running back Caleb King, have been in constant trouble since the summer of 2010.  Both have had their scrapes with the law more than once, as well as breaking team rules on more than one occasion.

 Apparently this time around, Ealey is being disciplined after failing to report for a punishment run last week. CMR did not put a timeline on when Washaun’s status would change, saying “We have certain expectations and standards that apply to all our student-athletes. We expect them to do things the right way, the Georgia way. If Washaun does things the Georgia way, he’ll be back in good standing.”

 Nothing has been said as to what Ealey did that dictated punishment to begin with.  After having been arrested in August for leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license, Ealey was suspended from Georgia’s 2010 season opener.   Having been suspended twice in 2010 for off the field transgressions and becoming academically ineligible to play in the Dawgs’ loss in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl, Senior Caleb King’s tenure in Athens, lack of production, and trouble making habits have been about the same as Ealey’s. (source: ESPN.com)

 When we got our commitment from Isaiah Crowell, yours truly blogged that his crystal ball showed Caleb King being gone from the Dawgs’ team by the time kick-off takes place in the Georgia Dome against Boise.  I guess I was short sighted.  I should have said (especially after CMR all but said that Crowell would be the starting running back in Atlanta) that King and Ealey will be history.  You know, in a way, I hope this happens.  This team needs a fresh start and be rid of the trouble makers that helped us get the nickname “Thug U.”

 Truthfully, since Georgia has five times as many fullbacks on the roster as just about any other SEC team, why not go ahead and get rid of King and Ealey (or just bench them if they do not misbehave again) and convert a couple fullbacks to running backs.  Bruce Figgins from Columbus, Georgia, is a perfect example.  Figgins has been used as a Tight End sparingly.  Now that we have a plethora at that position, he got approval from CMR to switch to fullback to get more playing time.  So, don’t switch him to fullback, switch him to running back behind Crowell.  The bottom line is we can do just as well without Ealey and King as with them (and probably better.)  SO LETS’ JUST DO IT!





By: Dawgman1973 (Gary K.) Lead-Blogger “Dawn of the Dawg

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  • http://www.sportswagerweb.com Chris_Miller

    What’s your take on how much support a move like that would get from the boosters or alumni?
    I know most places like to “talk” about community values and expectations, etc…but seemingly refuse to make the painful steps to make those fantasies a reality, especially if it results in major setbacks on the field and in the pocketbook.
    I’m not singling Georgia out by any means, just wondering if you have any specific feelings on whether a move like that is closer to reality or wishful thinking in your community?
    Randy Shannon did a great job of turning around Miami’s program regarding academics, as well as on & off-field behavior. But in the end he got canned because the ‘Canes were no longer the ‘Canes. If they had won 10+ games the past two seasons I bet the administration would have tolerated a few scrapes with the law and episodes of bad judgment.

    • dawgman1973 (Gary K.)

      That’s just the thing, Chris, these guys have not only been big time trouble makers and pains in the ass, but their perfomance on the field has been pretty much non-existant. Georgia came in 10th in rushing yardage in 2010 in the SEC. Thats why I would pretty much bet money that one or the both of them will not be playing come September. Richt is sick of them; the team is sick of them; and the fans are fed up with these thugs. If they were producers on the field and each had 100+ yards a game alternatively, then I agree that realistically the coaches would hold on to them no matter what their character. Sad but true. But in this case, the each of them have constantly found ways not to play on the field, and when they do they both have fumbleitis. Thats my take on it.