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Georgia Bulldogs and Social Media: Are you that guy?

Since it is the offseason and many of us are sitting and patiently waiting on kickoff I decided to get everyone prepared on how to be an appropriate Georgia Bulldogs fan on social media.

I follow many UGA fans on Twitter, and some of those friendships have carried over to Facebook. I have even been lucky enough to meet many fans at different tailgates and games so I am a big advocate for sports fans using social media. I joined twitter six years ago and love to use it to keep up to date with players, coaches, and fans alike.

Not only can I see if any player has decided to make the best decision of their life and commit to the University of Georgia, but I can even watch most of the team live tweet reality TV shows like “The Bachelorette”. As with everything in life there is a downside to having so much access to coaches and players…there is always that one guy.  You know who I am talking about – that one guy who ruins great things for everyone.  Well do not worry Georgia fans!  I have broken down the top 5 ways to not be “that guy.”

Tweeting Recruits - Just don’t do it.  I do not care if they claim they want to “see the love” from your school.  Can you imagine a recruit explaining to his mom that he chose a certain school because they gave him the most follows/retweets?  I can’t either.  That is because this is not what makes or breaks the recruiting process for them.  Leave the recruiting to the coaches.  Even though these guys look grown they are still underage boys.  The whole idea of constantly sending messages to boys is beyond creepy to me.  Follow the recruit if you must, but please save yourself the embarrassment and do not tweet them.  (Honestly, I would suggest doing as I did and just following a great recruiting analyst…it saves you from having to read all their other updates that are not related to where they plan on playing ball.)

Tweeting Players - This is absolutely acceptable if you follow a few simple guidelines.  Do not tweet them negative things about how they performed in a game. Imagine a player on the field is you at work. Now imagine you made a small mistake at work and everyone saw it. Did you know you made a mistake? Yes, and the players know when they make one too.  Tweeting them negative comments does nothing good for anyone involved so just do not do it.  If you must say negative things do not mention them in the tweet.  It is like emailing out to everyone in your company a complaint about someone and then copying that someone on the email.  I do not like to tweet players anything football related for one reason:they are off the clock.  I know when I come home the work phone goes off, and I am simply wanting to relax. (Do not tell my boss that thing about my phone being off…good thing he is a gator fan and would never read this.)  Interact with the players based on their interests and they will typically respond to you.

Begging For Follows - If you do it stop. It looks ridiculous and needy. Georgia fans are neither.

Parody Accounts - Parody accounts are exhausting. 99 percent of parody accounts are not very funny and yet everyone keeps making them. The worst part is sometimes people think they are the real person. Especially because most of our coaching staff and players do not have verified status it can get confusing as to which account is real, and which account is parody. It can end up being detrimental to a player and or coach so it is just not a good idea. If you really feel you must make a parody account please use the word “fake” in front of the handle as to not cause any confusion.

Asking for a RT for a birthday…or anything other than charity - Most of the UGA players I find to be great guys who love to support charities.  Many of them will RT a link if it is for charity and I fully support that.  Your birthday, however, is not a charity.  All these tweets do it clog the timelines of people who follow you.  If you do it a lot they probably will not follow you for very long.

I hope you found my tips helpful!  This has been your latest Lesson From Luda!

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