Apr 12, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs offensive coordinator Mike Bobo looks on from the sideline during the second half of the Georgia Spring Game at Sanford Stadium. The Red team won 27-24. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Bulldogs Opinion Week: Blame Bobo...or praise him?

As my contribution to our Opinion Week series, I wanted to tackle the question of Mike Bobo. Should he be getting blamed as much as he seems to, or does he deserve more praise?

Since I live in Nashville, TN, I am usually only able to make it to one or two home games a year in person. For me, these moments are cherished as they are so rare. As I try to enjoy my Bulldog win (I say win confidently as I have never seen a loss on Athens soil and take much pride in my undefeated record.

But I always get very annoyed with that one fan who screams out one of the phrases that irks me more than almost anything – “What are you doing Bobo?” (That, and the stupid hashtag #BlameBobo).

I don’t know when Georgia fans decided to start blaming all the world’s dooms on our offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, but we need to stop.

Other than developing great quarterbacks and an offense that consistently puts up 40 plus points on their opponents, Bobo wants to win a national championship…and he wants to do it at Georgia. He is a great recruiter with a strong history at Georgia. I don’t know about you, but that is exactly what I want in a coach.

Bobo, like any other coach, had to start from scratch. I mean, the guy only graduated from college in 1997, and had only been on Georgia’s coaching staff as a graduate assistant and then quarterbacks coach for eight years before being made the offensive coordinator of one of the most visible programs in the nation. So yeah, there were some growing pains. That should have been expected.

But from 2006 on, Bobo’s offenses have gotten better and deeper and more explosive. Right up until last season, where after losing pretty much every top offensive weapon the team had (including their All-American quarterback for a few games) he still managed to win Offensive Coordinator of the Year for the incredible numbers the Bulldogs put up.

Is he always going to call the right play, or give fans what they want (even if it’s not in the best interest of the team)? Hell no. Nor should that be expected of him. He plays to the team’s strengths and uses what the Bulldogs have to try and hit another team’s weakness. Sometimes it works out. Other times not.

I am constantly accused of being an overly-biased fan. To be clear, I am aware that I am probably as biased as they come, but if we are placing the blame anywhere it should not be on Mike Bobo.

With the offensive players the Bulldogs are returning, and Mike Bobo leading the way I am confident that the Dawgs are not only set up for success, but we have a strong chance this year of accomplishing the goal Bobo set for himself…winning a national championship at the University of Georgia.

In my opinion the only thing we can blame Bobo for is being awesome. Go Dawgs!

So here’s your chance. What do YOU think of Georgia’s Mike Bobo (don’t worry…survey answers are all anonymous….as far as you know)

If you’re brave, you’ll comment below and tell me how wrong you think I am.

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