Sep 7, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Ramik Wilson (51) reacts with defensive end Sterling Bailey (58) after a goal line stand against the South Carolina Gamecocks during the second half at Sanford Stadium. Georgia defeated South Carolina 41-30. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Bulldogs Football: Sterling Bailey’s dad blasts Matthews, other transfers

With all the players being dismissed and transferring out of the Georgia Bulldogs football program this offseason, it’s a wonder that something like Sterling Bailey’s dad coming forth and opening both barrels didn’t happen sooner.

Kevin Bailey, the father of junior defensive end Sterling Bailey, contacted the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Chip Towers, and let him know how he felt about the way Georgia Bulldogs football was being portrayed by players like Tray Matthews and others who have been dismissed and/or transferred from the program.

Bailey spoke on the phone to Towers and was “hopping mad”, (as the reporter put it) about all that has transpired lately.

Kevin Bailey’s quotes from Tower’s story:

The latest news of Matthews’ transfer coupled with some comments made by Matthews and family members and Auburn fans on social media left Bailey upset and bitter. As he explained to me, “I just need to vent.”

“When I read some of the things said, it just made me sick to my stomach,” Bailey said. “That young man (Matthews) needs to realize who opened doors for him first….I love Tray. I love his mom and dad, too. We’re good friends. But the comments I read made me feel like they were putting down the University of Georgia, the system and the coaches. Not one time did I see it mentioned what Coach Richt or the other coaches have done for him. That’s what made me mad.

…Same with Shaq Wiggins and the other kids who had the opportunity to play at the University of Georgia. They leave and transfer and get dismissed from the team and they blame it on the school system. It’s not the system; it’s the kids. If you come and do what you’re supposed to do and do it right, you wouldn’t get in trouble and things like this wouldn’t come about.”

When they leave the University of Georgia, they go to their arch rival or somewhere else and tear down the university system, like Georgia did something bad to them. It wasn’t like Georgia did something bad to them, it was what they did back to the University of Georgia. And that’s what hurts me so bad.”

It’s great to hear a parent actually recognizing that it’s time for these kids to be accountable for the things they do. If you make a mistake, own it. But don’t try to make it seem like you are victim of the system.

What do you think about Kevin Bailey’s vent? Is he spot on, or should Richt have been more lenient with these players? Comment below and let your voice be heard too. Vent, Bulldog Nation…vent!

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  • Thomas Brown

    54-26 second half of Mark Richt’s career here, after 2007 to present.

    You do not think it is the system here, that hundreds of our scholarship recruits have been arrested/suspended kicked-off/transferred out, Kevin Bailey ?

    Harsh Punishment Mark Richt has.Discipline, teaching folks to obey the rules, Mark Richt has NEVER had.He tells them we Love them.The heck we do.

    Football expectations are mostly positive for 2014-2015 season ?Really ? We’d have to beat 7 teams who are currently Top 10 teams in the Polls to Win the Championship 2014-2015 season. We are NOT doing this. We’re not a pass-happy offense # 65 in the nation in rushing the football with 3 of the OL seniors now gone and with the blocking TE also gone – since we don’t throw the football to the TE anymore ?We have Defense, especially in the Secondary ?We have Special Teams, or even practice Special Teams ?We have Discipline, or even practice Discipline ?No.No we do not to any of this.We beat the top teams ?No.Once 16-13 vs teams ranked in the Top 25 for the seasons 2001-2007, we’re instead 7-22 since.

    This is ALL because we have no Discipline.

    So one the Dads on Father’s Day spouts off on the phone to Chip Towers that his son has Discipline while hundreds and hundreds of Mark Richt’s other scholarship recruits do not ?

    So, Mark Richt – who is given great praise for 75 NFL Draft Picks and # 9 average recruiting classes – must recruit scholarship student-athletes who ALREADY have Discipline ?That he cannot teach them Discipline ?What is the very essence of being Coach ?

    Instruction to train a person to follow a code of conduct on and off the field has made Nick Saban famous and has made Mark Richt, instead, 54-26 second half of Mark Richt’s career here, after 2007 to present.

    To have Discipline, instead you establish a goal other than 54-26 second half of Mark Richt’s career here, after 2007 to present, and the scholarship recruits are willing to achieve that goal at the expense of being Loved, having fun, doing whatever the heck you want to do whenever you want to do it.

    We don’t have that, not at 54-26 second half of Mark Richt’s career here, after 2007 to present – so instead what we have around here is Harsh Punishment, and NO DISCIPLINE.

    Right ?

    • SactoSteve

      Just wondering. In what fantasy land is a winning percentage of nearly .700–in any career, let alone “the second half” of a career–considered a failure?

    • Joe Brammer

      Sell your tickets if you don’t like it.

    • genwheeler

      Yes Thomas. You have blathered on and on. Everybody knows how you feel about Mark Richt. As far as the topic goes. You’re actually blaming Mark Richt for the transgressions of Matthews and others? Your credibility has really sunk to a new low. Did it ever occur to you that Georgia holds players to a standard while other teams turn a blind eye to similar (serious) transgressions? Do some research. Get a life.

      • Thomas Brown

        I LOVE Mark Richt. He recruits well and the kids love him, too. He has not done well at 54-26 and 7-22 vs teams ranked for the seasons after 2007. Moreover, you know this genwheeler, sir. So, you attack me because I dare to want more. You’re obviously satisfied.

  • Rick Nelson

    sounds like a great Dad…hmmm…not heard his sons name thrown around for being in trouble unless I missed something..upbringing has a lot to do with things…Thomas Brown what the hell are you babbling about?? Coach is responsible for young adults (yes 18 is an adult) 24/7? You are not being sensible if you believe this. Your feelings concerning Richt are well known and you are in the minority so your thought process does not even matter; nor does your opinion for that matter..