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Texas A&M tries to be like the Georgia Bulldogs

One of the great things about being a member of the Georgia Bulldogs nation is the unity and school pride that can come through simple yells, slogans and even Twitter hashtags.

Some of the more common UGA slogans and yells include, “To hell with Tech”, “We run this state”, “Damn good Dawg” and, of course “Go Dawgs!” All of these slogans and yells generally have accompanying Twitter hashtags.

It seems as though SEC-newbies Texas A&M wants to try to be like the Bulldogs, and have adopted one of Georgia’s sacred slogans for their very own. From a story in

The other hashtag making the rounds through the Texas A&M social networks now is #WRTS, which supposedly stands for “We run this state.” Sumlin has not used the hashtag but others have been using it to help support the idea that Texas A&M is dominating the state of Texas when it comes to recruiting compared to both in-state and SEC rivals. So, where is the top talent in Texas heading?

Here’s more on the Aggies rip-off of UGA’s favorite Tech-bashing chant from the Dallas Morning News:

It’s #WRTS, the hashtag that’s been popping up all over A&M social media on recruiting topics.

Supposedly, it stands for “We Run This State.” The abbreviation can be found on A&M football’s official Twitter feed and blasted out by Aggie coaches and recruits. It would appear to epitomize A&M’s heightened attitude as a program, with the school now in its third year in the SEC and under Sumlin, a brazen brag to both SEC rivals and in-state programs.

Georgia hasn’t had the pleasure of welcoming the Aggies to Athens since their admission into the conference in 2012, nor have the Bulldogs paid a visit to College Station, Tx. But if the use of this hashtag/slogan continues by the Aggies, it will definitely stir up a hornet’s nest when the two do end up clashing.

Obviously there is no trademark or copyright by UGA to be infringed upon, but sometimes it’s better to just leave things that another school holds as tradition alone.

Our question is, how can they claim to run their state, when they don’t even play their biggest in-state rival anymore? Sounds suspect if you ask us.

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