5 Reasons the Georgia Bulldogs will win the National Championship in 2014

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I know I say it every year but this is the year. This is the year that I have been waiting for since that faithful day at the age of three years old that I became a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. This is the year that I will be able to say “told you so” to everyone who doubts me. This is the year that I will not be heartbroken. This is the year that the Georgia Bulldogs will win the national championship.

First of all, I am aware I am optimistic to a fault when it comes to my Dawgs. I am aware of the players who have left. I am aware of the injuries we had last year. I am aware of it all. I am also aware that the team we are returning is one of the best chances we have had to win a national championship -  and not only can they win it, but they will win it.

Winning a national championship in college football is one of the most difficult things to do, because unlike other sports, you don’t have a true postseason tournament or playoff that gives chances to teams who otherwise wouldn’t be there (and I don’t want to hear about this new playoff system, because it’s still not a “playoff”).

But I think the planets are aligning, and the pieces are in place. Georgia has what they need to get it done, and the motivation to do it. I don’t want to hear about the defense and how many starters were lost, or how bad things were. This is a different group, with a different leader. They’ll be fine.

Any fan can make a blanket statement that their team will win it all but I am here to support my prognostication with reason and logic. Below are five reasons why I know the Georgia Bulldogs will win the national championship this year. Please read the whole thing before commenting at the bottom and telling me how crazy I am… it’s only fair.

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  • DawgByte

    You’re doing yourself a disservice by thinking UGA will win the National Championship given the obvious facts.

    1. We’re replacing 3 starters on our OL. There’s no evidence to suggest current personnel will become the type of dominant force required to win the SEC East, win the SEC Championship and finish off either the number 1 or 3 rated team in the country during the playoff. At the end of Spring the assessment from Offensive coaches was a lot of work still needed to be done. Confidence inspiring? Not to the level that you seem to have gleamed.
    2. We’ve replaced an entire defensive staff! Communication mistakes will be made as they get use to one another during the season. Expecting Pruitt and company to turn a pigs ear into a silk pillow in one season is totally unrealistic.
    3. We have one of the worst defensive backfields in the SEC and lost several players due to transfer or suspension, one of which was arguably the best players on the team (JHC).
    4. We’re still replacing Murray with a QB that doesn’t have a ton of experience and looked sketchy at best against Nebraska. I think Mason is good, but he’s not a top tier national QB.

    This type of summer rose colored optimism is what fuels delusion in Dawg fans. Believe in the team and hope for the best, but to publish and article claiming we’re going to win the National Championship is not rooted in reality. I hope I eat my words at the end of the season, but the evidence I’ve outlined suggests otherwise.

    • Michael Collins

      While some of what you say could ring true, I’d have to disagree with much of it. Yes, replacing 3 starters on OL, but to be honest, the guys stepping two of those spots in were doing a better job than the starters by the time the season ended. David Andrews, the anchor, is still there and John Theus should have a bounce-back season.

      If there are some communication problems on defense, it will still be better than the non-communications seen during Grantham’s tenure. The play sets have been simplified, and the returning members of the defense have already commented how much easier it is to know where you are supposed to be. We won’t see any of the pre-snap mass confusions that we saw last year.

      Our defensive secondary was bad mostly because of poor coaching. Matthews and Harvey-Clemons were, to a degree, playmakers, but they were also poorly coached and too far too many chances. JHC was also vastly overrated. The players stepping in are young (just like they were last season) but have just as much talent, and will be more disciplined. I don’t think they lose a step, and probably significantly improve.

      You’ll never replace Murray, nor should the team hope to. But Mason has all the throws, plenty of experience in the offense, and showed last season that he can play comeback football if needed. UGA doesn’t need a “top tier” quarterback to win this season, just one who plays within himself and lets his teammates do their jobs.

      • DawgByte

        You have not successfully refuted my case. What you’ve outlined at best delivers an SEC East title, but falls short of a National Championship.

        Your optimism regarding the talent of our secondary has no basis in fact. Coaching is a significant factor in our poor DB play last year, but objective analysis of the talent reveals a cupboard bare. Pruitt has drawn the same conclusion and has scrambled from Day 1 to move the pieces around in an attempt to cobble together a serviceable defensive backfield.

        In addition to the four tangible points I offered, there’s also the intangible. Nobody knows what role all the transfers and dismissals will play on team chemistry. It should be clear that factions may still remain within the defensive unit and it’s impossible at these stage to predict how this group will respond to adversity. A leadership gap on this defensive unit could cause it to implode if we lose the first two guys, which is a real possibility. Lastly, we only hope our Special Teams will improve, but until they prove themselves on the field this is still a significant area of weakness for UGA.

        I’m not interested in being a Debbie Downer. After last year, I can’t deal with blind optimism in the face of real and objective gaps that exist on this team. I hope this entire team rally’s together, but hoping and wishing do not make it so. My optimism will be based on week-by-week results on the field and not some pie in the sky speculation.

        • Thomas Brown

          (1) Well, if I am allowed to offer-up a reply now that I can get caught up, our OL was not very good with the 3 Starters now lost from it and with the Blocking TE (since we don’t throw to TE any more around here now) also now lost from it. DISNEYdawgs.com to say now that we’re better by subtraction of 4 Starters from that line. Clearly, this has been an on-going issue for Mark Richt that his OL has been WEAK in his tenure here, frequently the weakest link on the team – other than Special Teams and Defensive Secondary and DISCIPLINE, not punishment – leading to what once was 16-13 CMR’s 1st 29 games vs teams making the Coaches’ or AP Poll, dropping-off now to 7-22 CMR’s latest 29 games vs teams making the top 25.
          (2) This leads to the obvious point that to win it all 2014, we’d have to beat :
          # 1 in the play-offs
          # 2 Auburn
          # 3 in the play-offs
          # 4 on the road South Carolina
          # 5 on the road Missouri
          # 7 in The SEC CG Game Alabama
          # 9 Clemson to begin the season.
          (3) We are 7-22 vs top 25 latest 6 seasons, and will beat 7 of the top 9 teams in the nation ? In a pig’s eye we will.
          (4) Why didn’t we practice any Special Teams G-Day Game ? We’re clearly the # 100 Special Teams in the nation. I just don’t understand that active decision by Mark Richt.
          (5) Mark Richt has averaged the # 9 recruiting rankings by Scout.com the most reliable recruiting service, which is by the way the # 2 best average rankings of all teams in the nation CMR era. CMR also has 75 NFL Draft Picks CMR era, also the # 2 best nationally. Recruiting is not our problem.
          (6) Our problem and you hit on this – both of you – is that we have of the 118 scholarship recruits Mark Richt signed to play 2014-2015 with redshirts, only 79 remaining.
          (7) I further would be remiss not to call attention to the subliminal comment here that Hutson Mason makes All the Throws ? Seriously ? His Deep Balls suck. His passes over the middle and on outs are floating passes. G-Day Game (most recent game) again, Hutson Mason threw a 29-yard pass opening Salvo. It was thrown straight skyward, as if a punt.
          (8) AFTER G-Day Game, Mike Bobo OC told us all last week that we are NOT to figure that he will RUN the ball this year ! This is my worse fear of 2014-2015, and that is saying something, isn’t it ? We are really with what we’ve handed Mike Bobo in running backs 2014-2015, not going to run the bloody ball ? Oh, dear God, tell me Mike Bobo did not say this. ( I can provide the URL Link.) Mike Bobo does not run the football in this Pass-Happy Offense of Mark Richt’s, an antiquated out-of-date college Pro-Style Offense who only runs the football once the game is at-hand. Even with Todd Gurley II, we were the # 65 in the nation at rushing. Look, this is UGA – The University of Ground Attack nimrod CMB – run the ball Mike Bobo.
          (9) No Excuses.
          (10) Call for NC, then do not reply with EXCUSES.
          (11) 3 replies is not many in a week to a blog calling for NC 2014-2015 a 15-game season for the top teams. FSU played only # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson to win NC 2013-2014. We play 7 Top 10 and Florida.
          (12) HEADLINE :
          ” Blog poster HERE says what’s wrong with us all of a sudden ”
          (13) or :
          ” Does it help to brag off-season again, followed by EXCUSES ”
          (14) 54-26 latest 6-year period, will Mark Richt’s 2nd half of his career here, really TREND now with ANOTHER 9-5 or 9-4 season in a 15-game season for the top teams 2014-2015 ?
          (15) Well, these 15 points say yes – Mark Richt lied to us about Joe Cox in his 5th-year Senior Season, lied to us about Joe Tereshinski III in his 5th-year Senior Season for us, and coddled Aaron Murray with the WORST RECORD all ALL Mark Richt Quarterbacks EVER, not preparing all these Top QB Mark Richt continues to sign every year and never even put in the games, not preparing a single QB in 13 seasons now to-date other than DJ Shockley, whose Dad demanded CMR promise DJ and him that he would with DJ, and NONE since. Hutson Mason is not our # 1 player 2014-2015, and clearly has issues plain as the nose on my face, and there is NOT any way that he beats # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5, # 7, and # 9.

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