Georgia Bulldogs Rivalries: 5 Reasons we hate the Tennessee Volunteers

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Oct 5, 2013; Knoxville, TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jones wipes his forehead as he leaves the field after being defeated in overtime 34-31 by the Georgia Bulldogs at Neyland Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Writing about the Georgia Bulldogs rivalry with the Tennessee Volunteers? Oh the trouble I am going to get in for this article.

For those of you who do not know I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN – actually even born at the University of Tennessee Hospital. Almost all my family and friends back home are Tennessee fans, so I feel this is the perfect rivalry for me to write about.

Georgia vs. Tennessee isn’t the oldest SEC rivalry, in fact, in comparison to many of the others, it’s still in its infancy. Although its a series that dates back to 1899, it was sporadically played for many years, sometimes taking decades off. But in 1980, when Herschel Walker bulldozed his way over the Tennessee defense, things began to heat up.

Once 1988 hit, the Volunteers became a permanent part of Georgia’s schedule, and it’s been a back and forth rivalry, with each team winning for large blocks of time. Right now the Dawgs have won the last four meetings, including last year’s 34-31 overtime win.

For most Georgia fans, the hate swells for Tennessee once a year, although the animosity remains during the offseason.

For me, the Tennessee vs Georgia rivalry is year long. Every day I have to deal with a Vol and I decided to write down the top 5 reasons Georgia fans hate them. So even though I am probably going to lose about 200 Facebook friends and be written out of a few wills, I am going to do it…for you…my readers!

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  • Edward C. Dallas

    1. After referencing H Walker in the early 80′s you then bash Manning worship? 2. I am good with the fact that Orange is far to powerful for an average man. 3. We, like all other schools have had good and bad experiences with coaches (Richt rumored on the hot seat every 2nd or 3rd year) 4. Rocky Top is the National Anthem, you commie!! lol 5. The Vol fan base is the best in the nation by far…some days that means being a little delusional!!!!

    • Jonathon R

      LIke your mode of response. I’ll follow suite.
      1. Last i checked, and it’s been a while since i now live in Boston but Manning was still being seen in the stadium. HHmm
      2. I agree with Edward on this one. Besides, easy to spot down the field and i doubt an orange mountain coming at you is calming.
      3. Of course we’re mad. Fulmer did falter but we brought in an A team to replace him that most dream of and bet the bank on it. We only had so many banks to spend and despite the fact he was just a bad person (Which many knew and shuttered) that was who we hitched our wagon to. He screwed up a good chance to and we have been recouping ever since. Careful though, the newest one might just skin that dog of yours.
      4. Sorry, Rocky top kicks ass. The fact that it grinds you is just because you aren’t a vol.
      5. Don’t be mad because a string of bad years comes and we still have the pride to stand in the last National champs face and tell them they aren’t worthy of being on our field. It’s just the pride in knowing what we are overall. It take a lot just to stand up in the SEC so the fact we even consider the other teams in the SEC worth discussing is our way of acknowledging them. I very much doubt any smart team has ever walked on the field with TN and not thought “I HOPE this turns out well.” Even at our worst we are unpredictable. At our best we are an Perfectly Coached Rocky Top Orange Terror who produced Manning. Dont be hating

  • Creeping Death

    Lets face it…Eli is the better QB when you need to win a Super Bowl. Peyton can pad his own stats except in a Super Bowl. And since that’s the only goal, Eli is more successful.

    • Arron

      Lmaooo welp let’s just give Trent Dilfer the go ahead over Marino! Smh

  • Wayne Z

    Hmmm, a Tennessee girl who likes a border state’s team. I’ll bet your fave basketball program is Kentucky.

    I must say this is very well written and even made me chuckle a time or two. You must have gotten your advanced degree at ETSU or MTSU since you hate the color orange; the color of the very sun that tints your skin and subdues your blemishes.

    But it sounds like nothing can subdue your blemished heart…that organ that is the same color as blood (ew!) and, not coincientally, the Ga Bushdogs uniforms (double ew!)

    Something traumatic had to have happened to you as a child. I’ll bet your diddy loved them dawgs or your granddiddy loved them dawgs (sob sob).

    Here’s a pretty good retort from a true football fan that’s worth the couple hours it’ll take your bulldog brethren to read:


    • Krisi Cooper

      I am glad you laughed during some parts. This was my intent. The accusation of my father and grandfather is not true… both are vol fans and deeply disturbed by my preference of red and black over their sacred orange and white. I loved the response and informed the writer of that piece. The thing I love most about football rivalries is the back and forth between fanbases, As to your Kentucky basketball accusation I must address this head on–I only support collegiate sports at the University of Georgia. I am a Dawg through and through and even was during the 90s (a time period I like to pretend never happened)

  • Kurt T. Steele

    This journalist says we haven’t had a good quarterback since Manning. ..then brags on Martin in the next sentence. Must have gone to UGA…where “toothless” fans bark at you.

    • Arron

      I thought the same thing…

  • Michael Bundy

    This little man thinks about Tennessee more than I would ever think about Georgia. He is going to hate life when we beat Georgia this and get back on top of them.