Great Dawgs

Great Dawgs

Page Author: Charlie Norris

About the author:

Charles Norris, aka “redclayhound” to anyone that’s been around Georgia internet boards over the past couple of decades is as avid a UGA football fan as a person can be. 2013 will be his 42nd consecutive year of purchasing season tickets for UGA football. He collects UGA football memorabilia as a hobby, with over 900 different UGA game day programs in his collection. He has been a UGA football recruitnik for over 4 decades, and was a member of the old Frog Pond Lounge recruitniks group for years, many know him from the days he ran The Grapevine, a free UGA recruiting website. He loves UGA football history and truly appreciates the UGA players of the past.

Charlie is quick to tell you that Herschel Walker is the greatest collegiate football player ever, he believes Charley Trippi is the greatest two-way collegiate football player ever and there are hundreds of other past UGA players he can tell you about. He can tell you about the highly hyped UGA signers that didn’t pan out and he can tell you about the UGA signees flying under the radar that became stars. He’s a retired Transportation Engineer and resides in Sandersville, Georgia with his bride of 42 years.

Great Dawgs In Georgia History