Georgia Basketball 2012 – 2013: Missed Opportunity


After a disappointing year, it’s disheartening to look back on the close games that might have been won with a play here or there. But only one team will finish the 2012-2013 basketball season without talking about would ‘as, should ‘as, and could ‘as.

For Georgia, just two games would have turned a 15 – 16 regular season into a palatable 17 – 14 season. If you are a Georgia fan – and you don’t need to drive – you might want to go pour a tall one before you read on.

The die was cast for the Bulldog season in November and December in two games that Georgia absolutely, positively should have won.

Nemi Djurisic (42) Photo Credit: Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

On November 15th, Georgia lost at home to Southern Mississippi (25 – 9, 14 – 5 in Conference USA ) by 2, 62 – 60. In that, game Georgia shot Georgia shot 52% on 11 of 21 free throws, including 7 of 15 in the second half. Exactly one month later on December 15th, Georgia lost to Iona (20 – 13, 14 -7  in the Metro Atlantic Conference) in overtime, 81-78. In that game, Georgia shot 54% on 20 of 37 free throws. Do the math. Take a drink.

Forget the non-calls, the bad bounces, the bad luck, the last minute misses. Make a few uncontested free throws – the same kind of free throws they shoot in high school – and the Bulldogs are 17 – 14 and awaiting a possible NIT call. And considering the youth and the improved play in conference, Coach Fox might even be getting a few looks at Coach of the Year.

Instead its would ‘a, should ‘a — the sure could ‘a kind.