Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Tweets: Josh Murray’s other girl and is coach Friend a Communist?


Georgia Bulldogs football is almost here and soon I will have more to write about than which player keeps up with the Kardashians, but until then lets get to some Dawg Tweets!

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This week we delve into some untapped territory, and we find out some snacking preferences. Could there be a connection between salty snacks and coaching intelligence? Is Todd Gurley undoubtedly the best back in the nation? The findings below may be indisputable.

I always knew Coach Lily was a genius, but now it is officially confirmed. Let this tweet be proof!

Here is an ESPN College football tweet to anyone out there who still doubts Gurley is the best!

As we all know Josh Murray made it to hometown dates on The Bachelorette and I have seen a lot of people very excited that Aaron Murray will be on there…but I was most excited to see if someone else was going to be shown…Josh’s adorable bulldog! Josh confirms she is going to be shown on hometowns.

I was going to try to stay away from all the World Cup tweets because frankly I am still heartbroken, but this Watts Dantzler tweet made me laugh.

I get made fun of all the time for refusing to drink GATORade. Glad to see I am not alone!

Not everyone got to watch the world cup…but a sympathizer with Communism?

I always enjoy ending with a good quote to think about for the week. This week is brought to you by a fan favorite, Rennie Curran!

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