5 Under-the-Radar Georgia Bulldogs to watch in 2014

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

WR Jonathon Rumph

Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Bennett, Justin Scott-Wesley and Chris Conley – the receivers every coach around the SEC will be having their teams watch film closely of, and to key on when the whistle blows on the field.

And then there’s Rumph, the rising senior and former JUCO transfer wide receiver who few know about, but should.

Last season, without Mitchell and with Bennett, Scott-Wesley and Conley all going down for extended times with injuries, Rumph stepped up and made sure Aaron Murray still had a viable target when needed. The number of catches aren’t impressive – only seven for the season – but what he did when he caught it was, totaling 17.29 yards per catch.

The hope is that Rumph won’t be needed much this year, but it would be my guess that Bobo will have a lot more plays planned for him. Rumph has great speed and can stretch a defense to the max when lined up on the outside. If Hutson Mason needs a secondary deep threat when one of the top guys is covered, Rumph could be that target.