5 Under-the-Radar Georgia Bulldogs to watch in 2014

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

NT Chris Mayes/Mike Thornton

Everyone will be watching the lauded Georgia linebackers, and offensive tackles will be watching DEs Ray Drew and Sterling Bailey. If you want to see where it all begins, keep your eye on the nose tackle position, where either Mike Thornton or Chris Mayes will begin with the dismantling of the opposing offensive line.

It’s a toss-up right now as to which of these two will be starting, as both have a lot of experience and talent. Mayes appeared in 11 games last season, making eight starts, while Thornton appeared in 11 games, and is currently listed number one of the preseason depth chart.

The long and short of it is that it may not matter which one is starting, as both of them can be effective at disrupting the line and the pocket, leaving things wide open for Drew and Bailey to get to the quarterback. The pair had four total sacks last season, and four tackles for loss.

When these guys get a push, and start drawing double-teams, it opens up not only the ends, but multiple blitz packages from the linebacker and defensive backs. That will take a lot of pressure off Georgia’s young secondary.