Georgia Football: 10 Must-Do, Must-See things for an Athens road trip

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Strolling along Fraternity/Sorority row on Milledge Ave to check out the tailgates

If you want to see some wonderful parties and tailgates, then just take stroll down Milledge Avenue just off campus. The street is lined with fraternity and sorority houses, who all have their own brand of pre-during-and-post-game parties going on.

You’ll see everything from elaborate beer pong setups, to some of the best grilled and deep fried food you’ll taste. And don’t be surprised if the young folks invite you to join in and celebrate right along with them.

The atmosphere is like something out of a movie, with music, drinks, food and lots of exuberance at every stop.

Even if you don’t partake along with the students, it’s a fun sight to just walk and see.

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