Georgia Bulldogs Football: Freshmen banned from use of social media


Georgia Bulldogs fans, if you’ve noticed a lack of social media presence from UGA’s class of 2014, it’s no coincidence. You won’t be seeing any tweets from the incoming freshmen, at least not until after Georgia’s football season is complete.

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The freshman social media ban is in place for the football team, and they won’t be able to resume their tweeting until the bowl game (or beyond) has been played. And if there was any question about how seriously this UGA team is taking their quest to get the championship monkey off their backs, then check out why the ban is even in place.

According to 11 Alive reporter and UGA insider Radi Nabulsi, the players themselves went to Mark Richt and asked for this rule to be implemented.

Very interesting indeed, and also very mature of the players to come forth and want this done. Fewer distractions, less chance of something stupid being tweeted for all the world to see, and definitely less chance of a twitter war with the wrong person (or fan).

Other FBS teams have similar rules for social media in place, and it probably should become more widespread, or even include the classes other than freshman as well.

What’s your take on college athletes and social media?