Charter Communications to carry SEC Network


The intensity of the conversations would have be funny if it wasn’t so serious, but in the South – where a good hunting dog, a pick up truck and SEC football are the three requirements of a good life – the SEC Network’s absence on Charter’s cable television lineup was serious.

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However, disaster has been averted.

With secession apparently imminent, HDreport says Charter Communications has announced it will carry the SEC Network. The Facebook uproar over SEC Network had become nearly comical with most Charter postings being answered with virtual chants of SEC! SEC! Charter’s response is always gracious, directing posters to their channel request page.

The SEC Network launches August 14 and will provide historic television coverage of SEC sports, annually including about 100 men’s and 60 women’s basketball games, 75 baseball games and 45 football games.

And we all know, every SEC football game is historic.

Three football games involving SEC teams will air each Saturday and all 14 conference members will receive live game coverage within the first month of this football season. The option of missing the SEC Network’s first live, regular-season game when South Carolina plays Texas A&M and Vanderbilt plays Temple on Thursday, Aug. 28, was, frankly my dear, not an option .

Most Charter customers have alternative satellite and cable choices in their communities. Thankfully, with Abraham Lincoln unavailable to keep Charter customers in the union, it appears the nation has been saved.