Bovada Heisman Trophy Odds: Georgia’s Todd Gurley in Top 5


Online sportsbook Bovada has released their preseason odds for Heisman Trophy winners, and Todd Gurley is in the Top 5, tied with UCLA quarterback, Todd Hundley.

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As with any betting line, this is certain to undergo numerous changes as the season progresses, and there is no certainty that any of the players contained on the list will even win the Heisman.

Gurley and Hundley – both sitting at 14-1 odds – come in behind Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty (12-1), Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller (15-2), Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota (6/1) and Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston (9/2). That makes Gurley the only running back to crack to top five players on the list.

Of the 29 players on Bovada’s odds list, eight are from SEC schools, with Alabama entering with three players on the list, giving them the most in the conference and in the nation.

17 of the players are quarterbacks, 11 are running backs, and the lone defensive player is UCLA linebacker Myles Jack.

Having a Heisman hopeful is great for the fans, and gives a little extra face time to the program (sometimes good and sometimes bad) throughout the season, but we’ve stated before that whether or not Todd Gurley wins the Heisman is immaterial.

Not that it wouldn’t be nice.

You can see my early picks for the Heisman Trophy here.

Who are your favorites to win it?