Georgia Bulldogs Rivals: 5 reasons to hate the Auburn Tigers

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Jan 2, 2014; Newport Beach, CA, USA; Auburn Tigers quarterback Nick Marshall at the 2014 BCS National Championship press conference at Newport Beach Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lack of Integrity

Auburn has become the halfway house for SEC players who have been dismissed from their teams. Whether it be Cam Newton, Nick Marshall, or Tray Matthews, Auburn has been known to take players with questionable integrity. I am not saying players do not deserve second chances, but I believe if a player is kicked off a team for violating rules that player should not be allowed to compete in the same conference.

Time to break it down for those who are Auburn fans again.  School A spends a lot of time recruiting a player and the aforementioned player breaks rules/the law so the team does the right thing and removes them from the program. School B does not care about the law and not only takes in the criminal…I mean player…but is rumored to have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get said criminal….sorry player…(I keep doing that).

Anyway, school B then goes on to national championship games, and school A is criticized for having disciplinary problems. Does this sound right to anyone else? No. That is because it should not be allowed.