SEC Power Rankings: Eastern Division receivers and tight ends

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Continuing our series of SEC Power Rankings we visit the wide receivers and receiving ability of tight ends in the Eastern Division.

The coming season’s division race is shaping up to be a close one with a lot of new faces at QB, which of course, in turn,  affects the receiving corps. The ability of new quarterbacks to develop timing and synchronicity with their receivers may go a long way in determining which team comes out on top and goes to Atlanta in early December….and then possibly further.

There is an interesting mix of teams, such as Georgia, which may not have quite the raw talent as some other teams, but are battle tested and have had a lot of practice time and couple of games with their quarterback. Then there’s teams such as Tennessee, which have a ton of raw talent at their disposal, but are young and untested for the most part and haven’t had tons of practice sessions with their quarterbacks.

How quickly these receivers can adjust to the bright lights of a 90,000 seat stadium and get in sync with their quarterbacks, as well as their comfort with the offense of their teams and offensive line play will be a factor in how we rate these units at the end of the season.

That said… is our preseason rank SEC Eastern Division receivers and tight end power rankings.