SEC Power Rankings: Eastern Division receivers and tight ends

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 No. 1 – Georgia Bulldogs

“Well, Loran…Whattaya got?”. Larry, what we have is this blogger’s top receiving corp in the SEC Eastern division. The key to make this come to fruition may very well be health, particularly of the man shown in the graphic above.

Much like South Carolina, the Red Clay Hounds have all the makings of a really good to great receiving corp. In fact, the depth at the positions at wide receiver and running back (the position that keeps those safeties in the box) is better. The Dawgs have guys that have shown they can block, catch, stretch the field, and be fearless over the middle. They may even have a developing genius calling plays in the box, a kinder South Georgia drawl, less cocky genius.

What is to be determined is will stalwarts Conley, Bennett, and Scott-Wesley be in most of the games (well, the big games)?  With the silence from the Georgia staff about injuries this year, will wildcard Malcolm Mitchell see the field at all? Can Jay Rome show his immense talent through 12 games and beyond?

Even with these questions, Tony Ball seems to get walk-ons like Rhett McGowan to become a viable offensive player. Georgia fans just have to hope that this year, unlike last season, that it doesn’t come to that. Offensive coordinator MIke Bobo also has Reggie Davis and a refuge from the defense, in Brendan Langley, to add some speed and shiftiness to the equation.

A junior college jewel, Jonathon Rumph, just needs to stay (here is that word again) healthy and he could make a really big impact on Georgia’s offense. There are proven weapons here, and there are guys with all the tools that have just shown flashes of what they can do. Bobo truly has a good old fashioned 229 type pot luck of players to make the quick reads and hurry up style of Hutson Mason satisfy all Dawg fans. He just needs to have all the dishes to be there. Pass that squash casserole, will ya?