Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Tweets: Andi cheers for Aaron, Richt calls for red


I can finally say it Bulldog Nation – THERE IS FOOTBALL THIS WEEK! Georgia Bulldogs players, coaches, and fans are all excited to see our boys take Clemson down in Athens.

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I will personally be making the journey from Nashville to Athens to watch what I hope to be a great game. This time next week I will bring the first “post game” Dawg Tweets so let’s enjoy our last offseason piece for a while!

Christian Robinson addresses a real problem in today’s society. Why do salads not automatically always come with bacon? I have personally written my congressman about this issue, and am awaiting a response. I went to a restaurant the other day that did not automatically put cheese on my salad. What is next? Do I have to request the lettuce next time? Get with it restaurants!

Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman made the journey to North Carolina to see Aaron Murray play in the Chiefs preseason game against the Panthers.

Speaking of that game I watched from a bar stool at a Chili’s in Chattanooga and about died seeing our boy, Aaron Murray, throw a touchdown pass on his first down. Andi Dorfman documented her excitement over her soon to be brother-in-law’s success.

Let this be a warning to all of Dawg Nation. Mark Richt is calling for a “red out” on Saturday so if I see any of you in ANY other color than that of which my blood bleeds I reserve the right to hate you forever, (and if you are wearing pink I reserve the right to publicly embarrass you).

So after reading this tweet can we officially say UGA has the best graduation rate in the SEC? Just throwing that out there!

BREAKING! Coach Mark Fox does ice bucket challenge for both himself and Coach Richt allowing Richt to prepare for Clemson. He then challenges all of Dawg Nation to wear their red on Saturday in Athens. Again, we are on red alert. There is no excuse!

Speaking of Coach Fox he took a trip to visit a former Georgia NBA player!

Watts Dantzler has some scheduling woes at UGA. Ballroom dancing 2…hmmm… I wonder if this is where Hines Ward learned his moves. Working to confirm.

I will end this week’s Dawg Tweets with probably the smartest tweet I have seen in a while. If you know the answer please leave in the comments.

Have a great week Dawg Nation and I will see you Saturday (in red) in the best place on Earth! Go Dawgs!