Despite Deadspin’s spin, Mark Richt still a class act


Well, it’s happened. Mark Richt has lost control of

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Georgia’s Mark Richt fell victim to a lame prank Thursday afternoon with a not so reputable site, Deadspin, posting that he had sent a letter to a Clemson fan after the game to taunt them about the loss.

The letter looked to be written by a 5 year old and postage simply said “M. Richt from Athens” on the outside of the envelope. Deadspin considered this enough proof to publish it as truth and Richt had to take to twitter to let all Georgia fans know what we all already did- he is a nice guy who would never send such garbage.

Here is the original tweet from deadspin!

Seriously, did anyone think this had any truth to it all? Coach Richt is known for being the Jesus of the SEC. He is a Christian family man who teaches our young men to be caring and to have respect on and off the field.

I have seen nothing but absolute class from him in all of his coaching career and when I saw this letter I was absolutely appalled that any site would publish such trash.

Mark Richt sent this tweet out just a while ago to let everyone know this is not real.

I know the media loves to use anything negative they can against Georgia, but seriously Deadspin, look at anyone else to make a villian…just leave my head coach out of it!