UGA and Mike Bobo’s Choices: More than one way to skin a Gamecock


Is there anyone in Red and Black or Garnet and Black who doesn’t think they know what South Carolina defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward is going to do to try and contain the Georgia Bulldogs’ offense this weekend?

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With a combination of the Bulldog running backs’ performance against a highly touted Clemson Tigers defense and the Gamecocks’ defense having big yardage run up on them at home, everyone thinks Ward has to put a bunch of guys in the box and dare Mike Bobo to make Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason beat them.

Other factors contributing to this notion is that there are assumptions that the wide receivers on Georgia’s roster that can “stretch the field”  are out of the game with injuries, and that because of a small sample size, Mason has garnered the tag of “game manager” at quarterback.

With that in mind, here are some ways the Dawgs may be able to counter South Carolina stacking the box.

The Joystick Jet Sweep The reason I use Isaiah McKenzie’s nickname and not Sony Michel’s aspiring rap alter ego 2Stackz  is that I love alliteration, but either of these guys can run this play that can use a back lined up in the I-formation (in this case, probably one of the top two in UGA history) to keep the Gamecock’s linebackers and safeties honest while getting a speedster out on the edge and letting speed and quickness take over.  This can also be useful in fakes that can get backs and edge wide receivers open on the opposite flat.

Spread ‘em Out and Let Mason Run His High School Offense Hutson Mason was a record setter at Lassiter High School. He didn’t do that just throwing dump passes all day. Much of his yardage came after the catch in his high school career, sure, but he knows how to run a spread, hurry up offense.  You can’t stack the box if there are four wide receivers on the field or even if you take your tight end and split him wide when there are three.

That creates the same match ups that Gurley and crew thrives on…make the first contact miss the tackle and then it’s end zone city. Quick thought…one day…and it may be soon, Hutson going to keep that read option…and he’s a pretty big fella. Remember Stafford in Auburn in 2006? Just sayin’

To Hell with It – Just Go Full-on 3 yds and a Cloud of Dust Just like always….Columbia, SC is giving us a Chamber of Commerce weather day in the capital of Hades. Nothing like upper 80’s in the shade and 80% humidity with a good chance of rain to make you fall in love with the fair city all over again, right?

Even though though the “evil genius/throw visor and headphone guy” is happy to be playing the Dawgs in one of it’s first two games (one player out with a suspension), his defense is looking a tiny bit depleted itself. According to and their most recent injury report , three more are out.

That puts the Gamecocks down to 34 scholarship athletes on the defensive side of the ball.  Out of the 34, only six are upper classmen that are on the defensive two-deep. Two of those are senior starters defensive tackle Gerald Dixon, Jr.and cornerback Brison Williams and are listed as “probable”.

October 13, 2012; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Steve Spurrier reacts to an official

I hope Spurrier has some Donnan brand pickle juice on the sidelines. With those numbers and experience, just banging the ball with fresh tailbacks all day, might just work. After playing 167 plays and allowing 67 first downs in the first two weeks, the Cocks defense may have a bit of tread wear.

I think Bobo, given the conditions, has a couple of ways to go here. My main belief is that after losing program all-time greats at running back, quarterback, and defensive end the last two seasons, Spurrier just may not have the elite talent that he enjoyed during 3 straight 11 win seasons.

I truly salute Dawg fans that put themselves through going to Columbia every year, especially on years that are played in mid-afternoons. Consider yourselves given a red and black badge of courage from yours truly. As you sit in the blazing sun, humidity and possible rain (if you’re lucky), try and remember one thing….Most of you get to leave. (sorry @benwilderv).