Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs should love Tennessee week


Yes, it’s Tennessee week for the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Orange. Creamsicles. DOT. Different Shades. Tennessee. Oompa Loompas! The Great Pumpkin!

This is a series that saw Georgia go winless from 1989 until 2000. I was there that glorious night when the Bulldogs finally beat the Volunteers and Phil Fulmer, 21-10.

I will admit, I did rush the field like the other students, however I did not trample any hedges – that was done before we were able to get down.

Tennessee Week is fun because these guys are so much fun to pick at. Mean? Maybe. Does everyone else do it? Heck yeah! It’s the SEC!

Disclaimer – Tennessee is one school that actually has fans that I can tolerate. I have yet to encounter a rude, obnoxious Vol. They pick on themselves as much as everyone else.

Of course, Tennessee week was so much more fun with Phil Fulmer was coach. Dubbed “The Great Pumpkin” we got to enjoy stuff like these little gems.

Phil Fulmer aka “The Great Pumpkin”

Alas, Tennessee sent Phil packing and well, we all know what’s happened since. Say Lane Kiffin or Derek Dooley around them and they will go off their collective rockers.

So why do we love Tennessee Week?

We can make jokes like this…

Why does Tennessee wear orange? So they can get up and go hunting, put in their time in at the DOT and go to a Vols game all in one weekend in the same outfit.

Or re-live moments like this when Georgia beat them in 2003 after Sean Jones recovered a fumble on our own 2 (they were about to score) and returned it 98 yards for a TD right before halftime. Oh, the shock and awe on the faces of Vols fans. It was a sight to behold. Yes, that’s right…you just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Savor it. Savor it long and well, Big Orange Nation.

And who could possibly forget this…

I have to take a moment and write about this game in particular. The 2001 Tennessee game is my all-time favorite game I’ve been to in my 17 years of going to Georgia games.

It was my senior year. Mark Richt’s first year. I remember when they scored with a minute left the place erupting. Cups and pom-poms flying. Then with hardly any time left the Dawgs fly down the field and win the game. The feeling I had as a Georgia fan that day in Neyland was awesome.

When Richt came to town for UGA Day a couple years ago, I got the opportunity to ask a question and I asked him what his favorite win at Georgia was.

It was that game.

Well, Tennessee week just wouldn’t be Tennessee week if we didn’t take look at the latest fashions for Vol fans…

The forever horrible checkerboard overalls.

Last year’s bowl shirt. Also worn by Florida.

Being honest, I have respect for Tennessee. They’ve sucked the past few years, yet Neyland is still packed for every game. The last time I saw that was South Carolina in 1998 & 1999 before their heads got too big for their bodies.

So I’ll part you with some classic words from the Evil Genius… You can’t spell Citrus without U-T!