Georgia Bulldogs are playing ‘slobberknocker football’


Make no mistake, the Georgia Bulldogs are playing some slobberknocker football.

I just returned from Athens where I asked Mark Richt if it was a difficult decision to pull Hutson Mason with 2:44 remaining in the first half against Troy to let Brice Ramsey run the offense…seemed like it had to be a betwixt and between decision for Coach.

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On the one hand there are still live bullets timing issues between Mason and his receivers, but then again, when an opportunity arises you also want your young QB’s to break the ice and get a feel for operating in all the commotion of bodies flying around at game speed.

Coach Richt said, “Yeah, I hesitated but any time you get a chance for your freshman quarterbacks, you might as well take it…” I’m sure all Dawg fans noticed that Hutson Mason started the second half at wide receiver.

Well, Coach Richt treated that situation the same way the NFL goes about the 3rd game of the exhibition season. You go in at halftime, make adjustments, and then come out and execute. I’m trying to remember, but I think Mason took one snap at QB, and then the game was given to Ramsey and Faton Bauta.

How ‘bout our running game? I’m bangin’ my head trying to recall any overland corps with more talent and diversity than ours.

Think about it; five running backs who would compete for starting status at any campus in America, starting with arguably the best pigskin toter in America — Todd Gurley — to the last back on the depth chart whom Richt and Mike Bobo are using like Craig Kimbrel.

YES, Brendan Douglas is our closer. After Gurley, Marshall, Chubb and Michel bounce ‘em around and soften ‘em up, here comes Douglas in the 4th quarter, to punch ‘em in the snot-locker with his Riddell, and knock ‘em out. I certainly don’t wanna tackle that hombre in the 4th quarter, how ‘bout you?

The Falcons in their Bartkowski aerial and Glanville defensive hey-day, used to make defenses chase sideline to sideline, and then in the 4th quarter, run William Andrews straight up the gut and trample whatever bit o’ valentine they had left!

Imagine us talking about our 5th running back…We’ve got slashers and darters, speedsters and road graders, and now a “CLOSER”!

Butch Jones has Tennessee playing with emotion, but they only have one player who won’t be required to go to church on Sunday. All the rest will be praying for their next Insurance client. The Dawgs will rock & roll, and I’ll have more on that later in the week.