Video tells story of Vince Dooley’s first year at UGA


With the 50th anniversary celebration of Vince Dooley’s first season as head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend, the unofficial UGA sports archivist Mark Maxwell has put together an amazing video about that year.

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The video, titled ‘Spring 64’, has historical clips and interviews from many of the surrounding coaches and players. It gives an amazing insight into that first season when Dooley turned the Dawgs around and began making believers out of everyone, including his team.

Part of the opening states what very few realize, “When the paper came out, the headline in the Athens paper was ‘Vince Who?'”

We all know who now.

Spring 64 from mark maxwell on Vimeo.

Every fan who claims to have insight into the early days of the Georgia football program needs to watch this video, and take notes. If you ever wondered why Dooley is so revered at UGA, this will give some perfect insight as to why.

Hard to believe that it was 50 years ago, and Georgia is still running that lethal toss-sweep.

The celebration at halftime this weekend should be a moving tribute to a great coach and a Georgia legend. This video will help warm up your tear ducts for that event.

Thanks to Dawn of the Dawg staffer Beau Bock for digging this one up.