Georgia Bulldogs full team grades after first third of 2014

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Sep 13, 2014; Columbia, SC, USA; Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt directs his team against the South Carolina Gamecocks in the second half at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports


For the most part, the coaching has been okay. Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo can be one of the best yet most frustrating coaches in the business. He needs to guard himself in trying to out-think the situation, and just do what Georgia does best, or whatever happens to be working that day.

Defensively, Jeremy Pruitt has had a lot of challenges, and he’s done a decent job considering some of the players he’s got to work with in the secondary. He’ll just need to continue to be more aggressive and to keep pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Head coach Mark Richt never seems to change. Rarely too excited, and never pessimistic, and even getting a little feisty in his old age at press conferences, Richt is one of the big reasons recruits want to come to Georgia. Other than not overturning Bobo’s call on the 1st-and-goal late in the game against South Carolina, it’s hard to find much fault with his coaching this season.

There were a couple of special teams coaching issues against Tennessee, which Richt and staff took full responsiblity for, so hopefully that is ironed out and won’t happen again.