Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Tweets: Gurley is still awesome, basketball is back


Congrats to the Georgia Bulldogs on running the table in the state of Tennessee.

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As a resident of the state that is home to the last two opponents the Dawgs faced, I can now rest easy knowing I do not have to listen to my coworkers’ smack talk. The Dawgs will spend the next little bit on the road so make sure to tune in to Dawn of the Dawg to check out our live game threads to comment and chat with us about those games while you are bored at home. We promise to entertain!

Now on to what you came here for! The best and or most ridiculous tweets from the Dawgs themselves (or about them)!

Todd Gurley is getting more and more national recognition. Not surprising when you do things like this.

Finally someone who understands my pain!

Clearly referring to the 85 hours of coursework he takes at UGA a semester among his other activities. Sorry Chris Conley…you are smarter than all of us so just go invent it or something.

Breaking News!! Keith Marshall still watches Homeland

What does Marlon Brown do when he is not killing it for the Ravens? Cheer on his Dawgs!

Oh look its a picture of Aaron Murray blowing bubbles!

Wooten take a nap.

Want to play fantasy football with Brandon Boykin and possibly win a ton of money? Check out this tweet!

Standard Todd Gurley for Heisman tweet. Love that so many current and former Dawgs are behind Gurley.

Absolutely love this pic done by Twitter’s own BassinDawg!

You already know…

Bubba Watson playing corn cannon.

I for one am not excited to have to wait so long to be back between the hedges, but I still know the Dawgs can win out. Get it!

For you Hoop Dawgs!

And for you Diamond Dawgs!!