Georgia Bulldogs prepare to hit the road after ‘nice’ Homecoming


That was a pleasant day for the Georgia Bulldogs and their fans.

But now we gotta go.

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Homecoming was ‘nice’. The Tri-Delts called the cops on the Sigma Nu’s, as Sigma Chi’s, in ascots, toasted the day by sipping chardonnay and singing school songs. Vanderbilt came to town and put up a gallant fight.

I only wish that Larry Munson was on the other side of that Press Box glass, rolling his eyes and saying in that wonderfully, gravely voice, “Whaddaya got Loran..?”

“Wellllll, Larrrrieee….”

“Loran, you’re and idiot… Dawgs ball inside the 30……………”

It was also ‘nice’ to see Brice Ramsey get in there in the 1st quarter. The Bulldogs have got to try every gambit available to get Hutson Mason to jump…Y’know, take that leap of faith, Hut (you listening..?), and trust your mind, trust your skills and develop a river gambler’s sense o’ moxie.

Think about it; you’ve done all the heavy lifting, and the only thing left is to wrap that package in a ribbon o’ confidence and a touch o’ swagger and then you’ll be better able to deal. You’ll be surprised how quickly your teammates pick up on it and y’all (look at me..!) will be a better (that’s a crummy word), no, not better but a more confident bunch which your opponents will pick up on, in a quivering sphincter kind o’ way.

Turn your microwave dial all the way to ‘potato’ and let’s start cookin’. Make some noise; now is the time when contenders shift it into overdrive, but the rest of those Dawgs can’t crank it, if you don’t start showin’ off your racing skills and leading this club!

In all, it was a ‘nice’ win over Vandy, who lost to Temple, which is like losing to William and Mary that Saturday, when Bill refused to get off the bus. Now the Dawgs go on a four-game SEC version of a death march. Get through this and into November when they have a week off before Auburn.

The Bulldogs can win four in a row and then watch the nation watch them make a bid against Auburn for one of those coveted four spots in football’s holy of holies…!

I preferred the old way of choosing a National Champion; just give the crystal ball to the best team, and let me be the one doing the choosing!