A guide to the perfect Georgia Bulldogs tailgate party

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Make sure you bring the right tailgating gear

The Gear

The perfect tailgate is set up like a portable family/dining room.

You have the tent (preferably with the Georgia “G” on it), your tables, your University of Georgia chairs, the TV with portable satellite and the generator for power. That’s just the basics.

I’ve seen sleeping tents, bounce houses, trailers that converted into a bar…it’s endless. Unless you are tailgating under trees, make sure your tent is at least water-resistant. The last thing you want is a spontaneous rain shower to ruin everything.

It’s always a good idea to bring extra chairs to your tailgate in case friends (old or new) stop by to say hello. Remember, we are in the South and we extend our Southern Hospitality to everyone. Well, almost everyone, especially if they are wearing orange.

What I recommend doing is write a list up a few days before the game of everything you need and check it off as you load it into your vehicle. That way, nothing is forgotten.