A guide to the perfect Georgia Bulldogs tailgate party

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When it comes to food, simple is best

The Food & Beverages

The food is something that you can’t forget. You cannot have a tailgate without food.

Most people bring a grill – it can be a small camping grill or a large cooker. If you are hosting friends at your tailgate, I recommend a bring-your-own-meat party. That way you’re not spending an enormous amount of meat that not everyone may eat.

If grilling is not your thing, I’ve seen spreads with Crock-Pots, Chick-fil-A catering, potlucks, you name it. Select easy dishes that everyone will eat. Game Day is not the day to pull out the sushi rolls or fancy duck bites that will go wasted. Make sure you also have some kid-friendly dishes too. I don’t recall seeing an 8 year old eat steak at a tailgate.

Whatever food you choose to have, prepare it the day before. There’s nothing like running late while you’re still waiting on your Buffalo Chicken Dip to finish.

No tailgate is complete with something to drink. Bottled waters, sodas and Capri-Suns are perfect for the kids and teens. The adults however, require something a little more sophisticated, so to speak. I pass several tailgates on Sanford Drive every Saturday that have bars set up – a table with the various types of alcohol and mixes and a table with the soda and water. If you choose to have alcohol at your tailgate, please be responsible with it and yourself. Don’t embarrass UGA.