A guide to the perfect Georgia Bulldogs tailgate party

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Details..its all about details

The Decor

Yes, I did say decor. One cannot simply pop up a tent, a few chairs and voila, have the perfect tailgate.

At the University of Georgia, we do not hang chandeliers from our tents like the fine people of Ole Miss. We do however, hang flags, Georgia Bulldog signs and posters. I’ve seen rugs used under the tent and Georgia tablecloths. When we went to the Georgia Bulldog/South Carolina Gamecock game, we tailgated with some Gamecocks (yes, shocking, I know) and they had green astroturf under their set-up.

An added bonus would be to hang the stuffed animal mascot of the opposing team from your tent. I’ve seen many tigers and bugs hung that way. If you are going to Georgia/Florida, don’t forget to attach that alligator to your trailer hitch for people to run over and stomp on. Don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s the nicely decorated tailgates that most people congregate to.