A guide to the perfect Georgia Bulldogs tailgate party

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Cornhole has become a must at any tailgate

The Entertainment

I can’t imagine a tailgate where people are just sitting around doing nothing.

I know some do, but it makes for a boring tailgate. Most tailgates have music playing or College Game Day or another game on the TV. Walk through campus and you’ll hear Larry Munson’s greatest hits echoing down the road. You’ll see kids and adults playing cornhole. You’ll see us ladies people-watching and holding our own “Fashion Police”.

The things we do for entertainment.

Some larger groups will even have a live band. Whatever you choose to do, have fun. This is an element that needs to be planned out carefully. If you have a 12pm kick-off, then there’s not a lot of pressure, but if it’s a 7pm kick-off, you need to have lots of things planned, especially if there are kids around. The point of a tailgate is to have fun with those you love and share in a common experience. Having the right entertainment is important.

With 6 weeks to prepare your next Georgia Bulldog tailgate, try some of these out if you haven’t had the chance. What makes the perfect tailgate for you?