Georgia Bulldogs should ‘Win one for the Gurley’


The Georgia Bulldogs need to win one for the Gurley

Look, I certainly am a stickler for rules. If we didn’t follow a strict path of righteousness; there would be mayhem in the Georgia Athletic Department, as there would be at any institution that competes in intercollegiate athletics.

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  • Todd Gurley has supposedly/reportedly committed a violation of the ‘memorabilia and signing’ rule. Whether or not he was compensated for it, makes no difference; what does hold water is that now somebody has got Gurley over a barrel.

    Unfortunately, with the biggest game of the year looming, not only will the nation’s leading Heisman Trophy candidate be missing from the Georgia lineup, but we risk taking the starch out of the entire squad by having to leave Gurley at home.

    You can only imagine the number of opportunists trying to get a jump on the competition by trying to sign Gurley early for the rights to his likeness. It is against NCAA rules, but it also is a bone of contention among NCAA critics who believe players should be compensated for their notoriety.

    That discussion is ongoing, so it is an even tougher pill to swallow that Coach Richt has prematurely beaten the NCAA at its own game and suspended Todd Gurley, indefinitely. I cannot argue with Mark Richt; he has done the right thing, but (there’s a thousand things running through my mind and none of them are as classy as how he is administrating this program),  I know you’re thinking the same things as I am, but the bottom line is: There’s a rule on the books and we have violated it, and sooner or later, ya gotta pay the piper.

    Gurley is gone, Sony Michel is out, Keith Marshall is still mending, leaving the heavy lifting to Nick Chubb and Brendan Douglas.

    Can we do it, can we pull this off at Mizzou? Of course, we can. It’s certainly a much more difficult proposition, but great athletes respond best when under pressure. Chubb and Douglas, all that they represent are the two of the most physical pigskin-luggers in the nation, and they were 4th and 5th on our depth chart!

    I know it’s frustrating…I realize we all are tempted to finagle and buy time with the compliance issue, but this is Richt, this is us, and what better way to vault ourselves into the remainder of the schedule then by winning up there, against all odds? Every guy wearing red and black on Saturday is going to do whatever it takes to win this tilt for Todd…

    We’re singed, we’re hurt…BUT, Dawgs are Dynamite…! The Golden Domers won one for the Gipper, now it’s time for us, to win one for the Gurley!