The Georgia Bulldog Nation needs to refocus their energy


Listen, anyone who is a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs is absolutely crushed by the news of Todd Gurley‘s suspension.

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I get it. I really do.

But let’s have a little reality check, shall we, Bulldog Nation?

Being supportive of Gurley is fine, but honestly, nothing the Bulldog Nation says or does is going to make one iota of a difference in the outcome of his eligibility to play this season.

Sorry to say, but #FreeGurley isn’t going to help.

Signing a petition and sending it to Washington isn’t going to help.

Holding candlelight vigils around campus in hopes that Gurley will be freed isn’t going to help (and, by the way, also makes no sense since he’s not even in custody).

Support Gurley. Hope for Gurley. Keep your eye on the news about Gurley.

But as for your hashtags, your energy, your keeping of vigils…let me say this.

There is a whole team full of young men who are not suspended, and who have what may be the biggest game of the year so far staring them in the face in just over 12 hours (or less, depending on when you read this).

Those are the guys who need to hear the rallying cries of the Bulldog Nation. Those are the guys who need to see and hear your support and love. They’ll be out on the field in Columbia, Mo. tomorrow leaving it all out there, trying to pull out an improbable win in an impossible situation.

Send some love to the team, to the coaches, to everyone who will be fighting, sweating and bleeding for the glory of Ol’ Georgia tomorrow.

They’re not going to be surrounded by their fans in a very dark time in the season, they’ll be among the enemy…an enemy that knows all too well how fragile this team could be without their most important player.

Win or lose, those kids are going to need the Bulldog Nation around them in spirit, supporting them and letting them know that with or without Todd Gurley (and yes, we’d all prefer with), this is still the Georgia Bulldogs, and they still have the support of their fans.

#BeatMizzou #GoDawgs #BulldogNationIsOne

See you on Saturday.