Why Georgia Bulldogs kicker Marshall Morgan is needed now more than ever


I know it seems crazy at a time like this to be writing something about Georgia’s kicker, Marshall Morgan, but quite honestly I think we all need a break from everything else that is going on and concentrate on one game at a time.

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When I think about things that can win and lose games the first thing to my mind is a kicker. As I have been the president of the UGA kickers fan club since the days of Billy Bennett, I can tell you I have seen many games (especially games in the SEC) come down to the kicker.

As a game should never have to come down to one play or one player, many times fans will claim if one particular play had gone a certain way their team could have won a game. I never buy into this logic as the game is played as a team and should be won and or lost as a team.

With that said I have never seen a position get blamed for more losses, yet never congratulated for pulling a team through a close win than a kicker.

Marshall Morgan’s tough misses during the South Carolina game where all the talk of some Georgia fans, yet are we forgetting this kid also set a record that game? Morgan is talented and is a bright spot on a team full of talent. Georgia will beat Missouri…and Marshall Morgan will be a huge part of the reason we do.

Georgia’s offense can hold strong without Todd Gurley. They might not get some of the explosive plays, but they cans still grind out a game and keep the clock on their side. The less chances Missouri and Maty Mauk have with the football, the better.

So yes, it will be a close game…and special teams will make the difference.

This is Marshall Morgan’s opportunity to atone for the missed chip shot that could have at least sent the game into overtime (if not won it at that point) in South Carolina. Morgan can step up…put one through the uprights, and ease the collective pain of the Bulldog Nation on Saturday.

Ray Lewis once said (in just) “Kickers will speak when spoken to.”

Mr. Morgan, we’re speaking to you now. Sic ’em!!