Georgia – Missouri loaded with surprises, and not all so good


The Georgia – Missouri game was full of surprises.

I really don’t know what that was, it was certainly different from what I was expecting.

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  • Surprises in football have names, e.g. when an interception occurs, you’re conditioned to yell, “Oskey, Oskey, Oskey” If a punt is on the ground and you want all your guys to get away from it, ya’ yell, “Peter, Peter, Peter” Halfway though the 1st quarter of our game at Mizzou, today, the only thing I could yell was, “Beer, Gangja, Laxatives!” because I didn’t know what the hell was goin’ on.

    First of all, we took the field with all the fire of a sleep-walker…that surprised me, ‘cause I thought we’d be geeked out of our minds. And then, when we didn’t fly around covering the kickoff, I thought we were going to play like the Falcons on Super Bowl morning after Eugene Robinson tried to French kiss a cop!

    Secondly, I don’t know who’s glasses I borrowed to scout Missouri, but they must have rose colored, because when I saw them for the second time today, they were the color of Dawg droppings. They were terrible, and Matty Mauk oughta go out for Lacrosse, since he’s sure as hell not an SEC quarterback.

    How ‘bout Aaron Taylor as the analyst for CBS? With Todd Gurley’s suspension being the topic of the day, Taylor couldn’t have come up with any more rehearsed lines. Each time he said something, I was wondering haw long he’s been waiting to say it…are there not any regular guys left in the world to do these games?

    Meanwhile, here’s the skinny (if you haven’t already heard) on Todd Gurley’s suspension –

    I mentioned to you the similarity between this situation and Johnny Football’s deal with the infractions manual. He only got the ‘first half of one game’, and by swiftly doing that, Texas A&M forced the NCAA to rule quickly, and they did, ruling only 4 days later.

    However, here’s the problem we’ve got with pulling the same gambit. I think an agent was involved, and if so, all prior victories that Gurley participated in become forfeits. All of a sudden 5 & 1 becomes 1 & 5; and that is why we’re not being as aggressive with Gurley as were the Aggies with Manziel!