Latest UGA news on Todd Gurley is no news, no change in status


The Todd Gurley news alert level was at DefCon 5 today

The Georgia Bulldog Nation became giddy with excitement when the news came over the wire that athletic director Greg McGarity would be making a statement about Todd Gurley and his suspension just after 5:00 pm today.

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McGarity released his statement, and the air was let out of the balloon of hope.

In summation, McGarity basically said the news on Todd Gurley is that there is no news, and no further comment would be necessary.


Here’s the official statement as released by the school:

"Today, President Jere W. Morehead, J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity, and other University of Georgia representatives met in Indianapolis with the NCAA Committee on Infractions to discuss the ongoing case of the UGA head swimming and diving coach. While in Indianapolis, Georgia representatives also met with the NCAA eligibility staff regarding the ongoing matter involving Todd Gurley. There is no new news at this time and no further comment is necessary."

The plane will be leaving for Little Rock, Ar. tomorrow, and it’s not known if Gurley will be making the trip.

It looks like the Dawgs will be without Gurley for at least another week, unless something develops within the next 24 hours, which seems highly unlikely. The NCAA is moving at their typical snail’s pace. If history is any indication, we may know something by the time Gurley is drafted.

Strap up, Nick Chubb…the bell just rang for you again.