It’s time to start believing in these Georgia Bulldogs


These Georgia Bulldogs are a team that is worth believing in now.

Maybe some of us have come away thinking Georgia’s secondary is still quarters away from being what we expect them to be.

I thought their play was exemplary. I think they’re right on the verge of being a formidable perimeter D!

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Considering graduation, suspensions and transfers, I didn’t expect the Bulldogs to play with that much moxie this early. There were no wild hogs runnin’ free, this afternoon; I loved their positioning, play on the ball and willingness to hit.

Unfortunately, their play does not stand out because of penalties (many dubious), fortunate throws and uncanny receptions. We had a receiver frontsy/backsy, and he very subtly pushed off in the corner of the end zone, preventing our Brendan Langley from elevating, and BOOM..TD.

Did you also get a feel for how the overall Georgia defense is coming together? They no longer seem to be thinking, hesitating and are now just playing….with a rhyme and reason, I might add. It hasn’t even been close to that for four years! They’re no longer being burned by scheme since they now defend what the offense lines up, and not some crazy-ass scheme devised before we even knew what the offense was going to do.

Now, if the coaches dial up a defense that is lacking, they finally have the ability to make an adjustment. Although, instead of “ability”, I should have said “knowledge”. It used to hurt to watch the Dawgs defense and think how stupid we are. Jeremy Pruitt has changed all that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we put a bagel or close to it, on the Gators.

And how ‘bout Hutson Mason? That’s what I’m talkin ‘bout! I teased him this week about playing like ex-Braves and current Nats 1st baseman, Adam LaRoche…Y’know, stand-up stiff, inflexible and measured.

Today though, he added a dose o’ whoop-e-de-doo and transformed himself from ‘thrower’ to ‘slinger’.  He looked like a cool operator out there, didn’t he? Finally, it has dawned on him that this is his team, and thankfully, he looked confident with that responsibility.

Forget the lead the Bulldogs had, and disregard the final score…the moon and the stars came together for Georiga a little bit against Arkansas, but that was still a dominant win that had GEORGIA written all over it.