Cocktail Party 2014: What NOT to Wear to the Georgia-Florida Game

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Plush Gator Bookbags

I almost have no words for this. The first time I saw these plush Gator bookbags was 3 years ago.

I thought, when I saw none in 2012, that it was just a fad and these ladies had learned their lesson on tackiness. Wow, I was wrong. In 2013 I saw no fewer than half a dozen of these walking around.

Would you ever see a Georgia Bulldog fan walking around with a plush Georgia bookbag? No. How about a South Carolina Gamecock? Nope. An LSU Tiger? Well, maybe, but this isn’t about them.

When attending a football game, the proper SEC ladies carry a crossbody bag or a clutch. The moms attending the game will have a fashionable tote that matches their outfit. No Georgia fan in their right mind would walk around with a plush bulldog on their back. If you happen to be one, please leave your Georgia Bulldog fan card at the gate.