Cocktail Party 2014: What NOT to Wear to the Georgia-Florida Game

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Last time I checked, we were not going to Jacksonville for a wedding. Typically, garters are reserved for brides to wear on their wedding day, only to be removed by the groom.

I guess in Florida, garters are normal everyday wear. I don’t believe I know a single lady who would be caught wearing one to a football game. Bachelorette party? Sure! Football game? Um, no.

I’m not sure what enticed this young lady to show up at an all-male tailgate wearing a garter. Well, I think I have an idea, but it’s not appropriate to print. This picture was taken the first time the plush gator bookbags made their appearance, of which she is also wearing, but let’s get back to the garter.

Garters are reserved for brides to wear on their wedding day and strippers to have a spot to put dollar bills in, and not to be worn to a football game.