Cocktail Party 2014: What NOT to Wear to the Georgia-Florida Game

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White Denim Daisy Duke Logo Shorts

I am all for wearing clothing with your school’s logo embroidered on it. My husband has some red slacks with Georgia “G”’s on them. I have friends who own khaki skirts with bulldogs embroidered on them.

But denim daisy dukes? That is one item you will not find in the University of Georgia bookstore.

I have no problem with skirts, slacks, and yes, even shorts with school logos on them. However, daisy dukes cross the line. And denim (JEAN!) shorts? No wonder Florida fans question why we yell “Gators wear jean shorts!” all the time.

True story – my 9 year old daughter wanted to wear denim shorts to the Georgia-Tennessee game (they were nice shorts from Children’s Place meant for kids). I quickly told her no, to which she replied, “why?” I said to her, “Honey, we are from the University of Georgia, we don’t wear jean shorts. Only Florida does that.” Her reply? “Oh yeah, I forgot.”

Raise them right, right? (Disclaimer – it is perfectly fine for girls under the age of 13 to own denim shorts; boys, not so much; teens – nah.)