Report: Todd Gurley Accuser Bryan Allen Now Unemployed


Todd Gurley’s accuser, former sports memorabilia dealer Bryan Allen, has reportedly lost his job with a local insurance company

According to investigative reporter Randy Travis of Atlanta’s Fox-5, Allen is now not only a former sports memorabilia dealer, but he’s also a former insurance agency employee, via a statement from Allen’s attorney, Ed Garland.

While it’s never appropriate to revel in another’s misery, it’s certainly understandable for the Bulldog Nation to be sending out a collective “That’s karma” message right now.

It’s impossible to un-ring the bell that has had Todd Gurley sitting on the sidelines instead of crushing Tigers and Razorbacks for the last two weeks, and as seen above, Allen now sees that he may have done himself more damage by his actions.

Oh the swift sword of justice, it is a sharp instrument at times.

Allen has been held up in his home, practically in solitary, has had to delete all of his social media accounts, and change the name on his Ebay business (which has done next to zero in sales since the entire fiasco began). He’s become the whipping boy for an angry Bulldog Nation, and the motivation for a very determined Bulldog team.

No reason for Allen’s reported firing have been made public at this time.