Georgia Football: Path to the Playoffs Must Go Through Atlanta


The Georgia football team has playoff aspirations, but there is really only one clear path for them to reach that destination.

Perception can mean everything.

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And right now, the perception around the college football world is that although the Georgia Bulldogs are a very good team, they play a weaker than average schedule in a very disappointing SEC East.

There is some truth to that, as South Carolina has absolutely imploded to four SEC losses already this season, and Tennessee has not lived up to the promise that many saw in them before the season began. Combine that with a loss to those middling Gamecocks, and a couple of out-of-conference cupcakes, and Georgia’s schedule just doesn’t look that daunting.

The saving grace for Georgia is that if they win the East, regardless of how weak or strong it may be, they will play in the SEC Championship game, and that could be their golden ticket to the final four playoff teams.

The path to that Dec. 6 game in Atlanta goes through Florida, Kentucky, Auburn and Georgia Tech (we’ll just go ahead and pencil in Charleston Southern as a win), and that isn’t exactly a path of least resistance. Once the Bulldogs get to the SECCG, they’ll be faced with the task of beating likely Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama or possibly even Auburn again.

If Georgia can pull off winning out the remainder of the season, and then win in Atlanta against their SEC West foe, the playoffs are practically a given for the Dawgs.

There is one thing that could keep Georgia out of the playoffs even if they win the SEC Championship game, however.

A second loss.

Should Georgia lose one of their three remaining conference games, even a conference championship may not be enough for the Playoff Selection Committee to give them the nod as college football’s final four. A second conference loss could (although unlikely) lock Georiga out of the SEC Championship game if Missouri wins out their remaining conference games.

The playoff formula for Georgia is simple.

Keep winning, get to Atlanta, and win again.