Georgia Bulldog Nation’s Best Anti-Florida Gator Memes of the Week


The Georgia Bulldog Nation loves Florida Hate Week.

I said it’s great to be a Gator Hater!

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It’s like the fair has come to town – mullets, jorts, wife beaters, swamp people everywhere you look! Well, it’s not the county fair, it’s just Georgia-Florida week. The Georgia Bulldogs have opened as a 12 point favorite over the Florida Gators. We’re not used to that, but we will take it!

This week is especially fun on Twitter. I am a professed Twitter addict. Not only do you get your news faster there, it’s a great source of entertainment. During football season, you can see awesome College Game Day signs, great action shots of plays and funny-til-you-pee-your-pants memes. And there have been some good ones this year across the board.

Now that Coach Muschamp is on the hot seat, and Jeff Driskel has been benched, the kid gloves have come off. In a Twitter search for Jeff Driskel I saw no less than a dozen pictures of trash cans labeled as the befuddling quarterback. Gotta love the internet, right?

Being that it’s Georgia-Florida week, I thought we should take this time to look at some of the best Florida memes out there!


We’ll start with a little poke at poor Will Muschamp. Gators are such easy prey.

The UGA Spike Squad (always good for a laugh) has it down to a science…of sorts..

This fan has a more religious approach to his Gator-hating.

Photoshop anyone?

Shhhhh….we’re not ready to take Muschamp off the case yet.

Gator lameness confuses technology.

This joke never gets old.

The Gators will never…ever…live this one down. Long live the teammate block!

ESPN College GameDay signs, always good for this type of thing.

And last but not least…

Have you spotted any awesome anti-Florida memes? Tweet me at @memktgservices and share!