Georgia Bulldogs #GurleyWatch2014 Enters Day 20 with NCAA Statement


The Georgia Bulldogs have been without the services of running back Todd Gurley since he was suspended indefinitely by the school on Oct. 9

Todd Gurley is waiting. Mark Richt is waiting. All the Bulldog Nation is waiting as #GurleyWatch2014 enters its 20th day since the star running back was suspended for violation of NCAA rules governing inappropriate benefits.

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  • As of right now, Georgia is satisfied with the “punishment” Gurley has received, and his reinstatement application has been in the hands of NCAA president Mark Emmert for over a week now.

    Speaking of Mr. Emmert, while he hasn’t sent down an official ruling on Gurley’s case, he did give Georgia a little pat on the back for the way things were handled per a report from Small consolation.

    "“From the facts that we know today, publicly, Georgia’s behavior has been commendable. They, apparently, saw something that concerned them, and they dealt with it directly and their athletic department seems to have handled that very, very appropriately based on what we know today.“When a school has information about inappropriate behavior that might render a student-athlete ineligible, then they’re under an obligation to respond. If it turns out later that they did know and did have facts that demonstrated that someone was ineligible and they played them anyway, then sure those wins can be vacated and that’s happened many times.”"

    Perhaps that statement is a preamble to the announcement of Gurley’s reinstatement, or perhaps it’s just more lip service from a guy who excels at empty rhetoric. Only time will tell.

    For now, the Bulldogs are mentally preparing as if Gurley will not be playing in this week’s showdown with the Florida Gators, however he has continued his practices and workouts with the team.

    Let’s all hope there is no day 21 of this saga.