The Georgia Bulldogs Repeated Cocktail Party History Saturday Night


The Georgia Bulldogs played like good ole typical Georgia Saturday night.

The ghosts of Georgia football past caught up with us, mainly the ghosts of 1990-2010. What I witnessed first hand in Jacksonville was reminiscent of what I witnessed while an undergrad. I had to kick myself to make sure it was 2014, not 1998.

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Here is what happened…the Georgia fan base became overconfident the past two weeks. Coming off two amazing road wins, there was reason to think the Bulldogs were going to win handily against an overmatched Florida team.

However, what I saw and read scared me. People talking about winning by 2 or 3 touchdowns. Gators emptying the stadium in the 3rd quarter. I knew better.

I have been there. Georgia ranked higher. Georgia favored. Georgia lost. 2002 ring a bell??

This is and was a rivalry game. One that often sees the underdog win. I had an odd feeling about this game. And that odd feeling was right.

Florida had nothing to lose. They were playing for pride. Georgia had everything to lose, and when put in that position, Georgia does what Georgia does best – choke. And that is what they did Saturday night in Jacksonville. Anytime they are put in a position to control our their destiny, they seem to do something to force a reliance on other people losing to get where they need to be.

Missouri only has one conference loss. Soak that in a minute. We could have just lost the East to Missouri…again.

Georgia is well out of making the College Football Playoff. They can still make it to the SEC Championship game and win conference, but if the team I watched Saturday night continues to show up, they’ll be lucky to get to a decent bowl game.

As a fan, alumni and donor,  I am thoroughly disgusted with the team’s effort. They didn’t even look liked they tried. That is what bothers me the most. Talking with a client and former Georgia defensive lineman last night, he commented he has never seen the defense play so bad. That coming from someone who played 2008-2011 and saw us through some bad years.

I still love my Dawgs and bleed red and black. And as a loyal Bulldog to the end, I won’t give up. We’ll make it through and notch another win against the Nerds right after Thanksgiving. For now, hopefully, we will rebound with another amazing road win at Kentucky.

Meanwhile, I know of three 2015 Georgia/Florida tickets for sale…message me if you are interested.

Update: My husband just informed me I cannot pre-sell our Georgia/Florida tickets for next year. LOL. Stay tuned.