Georgia Football: Cocktail Party Loss Came Down to Call of a Career


Georgia football was crushed in Jacksonville by the Call of the Year – or was it a career?

That’s it, he finally broke the ice in the series, either as a coach or player, and I’m wondering if the Will Muschamp fake field goal call, early in the 2nd quarter means, we’ll be game planning against Florida head coach Will Muschamp for the next 10, or 12, or 20 years?

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Georgia, obviously, dominated early behind Nick Chubb’s 100-yard 1st quarter, but when the wind pulled a Marshall Morgan field goal attempt wide, Florida took over on their own 22, and went on a 14-play drive that culminated with a fake field goal for a TD.

The score was tied 7-7, but the emotional deficit from that ‘fake’ call became totally flip-flopped from Florida to Georgia, and the Bulldogs never could reclaim the momentum.

It was on that 14-play Gator drive that I first made a note that Florida was attacking our flanks and getting all they wanted outside, and I couldn’t help but remember what Alabama did to us in the 2012 SEC Championship game…going for 350yds by attacking us outside.

But the difference is Georgia gave Alabama those yards by playing the wrong technique and Todd Grantham didn’t know how to make the adjustment, while on Saturday, we were lined up and correctly playing the right technique, it was just that Florida outplayed our defenders; they blocked us on the edge, and, they were more intense and physical than were we!

Isn’t it interesting that desperation is the mother of courage? Muschamp had nothing to lose, his back was against the wall and he was, literally, coaching for his career. He and the Gator staff did an extraordinary job of preparation and, obviously, knew they could beat Georgia with an outside running game. All that was missing was ignition, and that came with the Muschamp fake field goal call.

When has that Georgia coach ever won a big game? – Mike Francesca

Keep in mind, that was a rookie quarterback who got the best of the Bulldogs, and that was the least-talented Gator team we will face for years…there’s just too much talent in Florida for them to be down for long, Florida Gator squads are only going to get better.

I was in New York City last week and I told my commentary subscribers (free) that on Tuesday, WFAN 660 sportstalk personality, Mike Francesca, argued with a caller about Mark Richt. ”When has that Georgia coach ever won a big game?” Francesca asked. That made me think, forget Mark Richt, overall we have fallen far short of our rightful place in the category of big game warriors.

We’re better than this…but our Dawgs will never fulfill their promise until we start to dictate in the big game instead of responding. We’re good, we’re very good, but when are we gonna start strutting and kickin’ rump like the big-time, national title contending program that we are?

Why would we allow some Joe Bagodonuts guy in New York to even think that we’re not the team to beat? We need to tell the Governor to add some iron to the reservoirs, ‘cause all I can figure is, our reluctance to dominate must come from the water supply.

With all Georgia had on the line, that performance against Florida was unacceptable and I wish we could use Todd Gurley as an alibi, but he wouldn’t have made any difference. The difference was the ‘call’ of Muschamp’s career, the one that stole our valentine, and we had no answer.

It’s in the water; must be!