Todd Gurley Situation Forces UGA to Curb Autograph Seekers Entirely


UGA is reacting to the fallout of the Todd Gurley suspension by taking drastic steps for autograph seekers.

You knew something like this would happen.

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In light of the situation surrounding Georgia running back Todd Gurley and his suspension from accepting money for autographed memorabilia, the University is making it clear to anyone — fan or otherwise — that this will not be happening again.

Dawn of the Dawg’s Beau Bock spotted this sign posted in front of the Georgia locker room at the Butts-Mehre athletic complex.

Photo by Beau Bock –

It’s sad that is has to come to this due to the actions of some unscrupulous memorabilia dealers, and students who are lured in by promises of big money from them. Not excusing what Gurley did at all, but he should never have been put in a situation to decide.

So fans, if you want to get an autograph from your favorite Bulldog, you’ll have to hope you run into them in your local Applebee’s or out at the mall, or see if you can’t sneak one in during Comparative Lit 2111, because asking them for a signature anywhere on athletic association property isn’t going to be allowed any longer.

Thank you NCAA, for your continued “support” of our student-athletes.

UPDATE: We have been informed by the UGA Athletic Department that the sign has actually been up for some time, but has recently been repainted and had shrubbery cleared from around it.