Mark Richt on Blackout vs. Auburn: ‘No Chance of That’


Mark Richt has quickly put the brakes on any thoughts fans or players may have had about a “blackout” against Auburn on Nov. 15.

It didn’t take long, As soon as the final gun sounded on Georgia’s 63-31 walloping of Kentucky, fans and players started the rumor mill buzzing about a possible blackout for the upcoming game against Auburn.

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It was in 2007, against those very Tigers, that the Bulldogs pulled out the black shirts, leading to a 45-20 beating of Auburn. However, that blackout was for players only, and was kept a secret until the team came out after warmups, switching from their red practice jerseys to the black game colors.

The next time a planned blackout happened, it completely backfired, as Georgia was trounced by Alabama in a crucial early season SEC matchup, 41-30 – and the game wasn’t that close.

So as the Twitterverse began to churn out tweets and retweets of a blackout for this year’s Auburn game, coach Richt put the kibosh on the idea with a big cold bucket of ice-tweet (via Logan Booker, Bulldawg Illustrated)

But then the plot thickened, as Richt backstepped a bit, and left it (somewhat) open to interpretation.

So, perhaps its up to the fans? If you guys want a blackout, you’d better let CMR and the Bulldog Nation know. Might be a bit too gimmicky for a game that has so much on the line, and in which Georgia will be clearly an underdog.